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With extra-relaxed fit and a comfortable sole Silverell Footcare socks are used by:
  • Diabetics with decreased nerve sensation
  • Arthritics with foot pain
  • People with sensitive feet
Silverell Footcare socks, made from a combination of durable fibers and Silvertex® yarn, provide superior comfort. Designed for maximum anti-microbial action by using silver fiber on the inside of the sock where it has greatest effect, these socks encourage blood circulation, defend against bacteria and fungi, balance heat throughout the foot, and remove excess moisture.

Silverell Footcare socks have comfort features that differentiate them from ordinary hosiery:

  • Seamless construction on the heel, no welts to irritate sensitive skin
  • Expandable rib knitting on the socks’ upper section keeps them up
  • A specially designed ankle “hinge” prevents uncomfortable folds & creases.
  • Hand-linked toe seam neutralizes pressure points and is flat, comfortable & virtually imperceptible.

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