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Silverell Women's Footcare Dress Socks

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Silverell Women's Footcare Dress Socks
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Assist healing and regulate foot temperature with Silverell socks. Silverell socks, for diabetics or anyone with senstitive feet, are made with the best anti-microbial agent, silver, which is effective against bacteria and fungi. Machine washable, Silvertex socks are made from 88% cotton, 10% Silverell silver-plated nylon yarn, and 2% Lycra™ fiber, a composite that provides superior comfort and extraordinary features that protect feet.

Silverell Socks have several unique features that differentiate them from ordinary hosiery:

  • Made without low constricting welts
  • Incorporate a stretchy rib knit upper section to prevent slippage
  • Prevents uncomfortable folds and creases with a specially designed, unique ankle "hinge"
  • Neutralize pressure points with a hand-linked toe seam that is flat, comfortable and virtually imperceptible
Colors: Black, Tan, Grey, Purple

Sizes: S, M, L

NOTE: Black is only available in M or L

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