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Silverell Phone Pouch

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As the CDC is now recommending that all Americans wear protective face masks when in public, V Technical Textiles has dedicated our extensive expertise to design a line of PPE products constructed with ionic silver.  The benefits of silver are transferred onto the product through an ion exchange.  Silver has been recognized throughout history as having natural antimicrobial properties that act in a multitude of ways to inhibit and eliminate the growth of bacteria.


Product Description and Care Instructions

·       You have purchased a quality crafted PHONE POUCH made using silver plated technology

·       This PHONE POUCH are machine washable up to 50 washes without any alteration in its specific characteristics.

·       This  PHONE POUCH should be washed by hand or on delicate cycle in machine with a mild detergent. 

·       Do NOT use bleach, oxy type laundry products or fabric softeners as the silver plating will be damaged and lose important function.

·       Do NOT dry clean as it will cause permanent damage to the product

·       This PHONE POUCH is proudly made in our USA factory located in beautiful upstate NY!

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