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Silverell Gloves

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Silverell Gloves
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Product Description

Silverell  Gloves:
        Silverell gloves use the thermal conductivity of silver to regulate temperature. The silver fibers minimize radiated heat loss by actively reflecting the body’s energy back to the skin. Silver is also the most thermally conductive element on the planet, this means that distribution of heat occurs quickly throughout the gloves.

      Use Silverell gloves as liners under your favorite pair of gloves for extra warmth on those very cold days.

      • Seamless, nonirritating design
      • Moisture-wicking fibers that help keep hands dry
      • Accurate sizing for a snug, non-bunching fit

      Cuts and sores heal quicker when infection is reduced or eliminated. The silver layer is 99.9% pure.

      Silver is a naturally occurring element, and there are no artificial chemicals that may cause fear of toxicity. The silver is irreversibly bonded to the polymer so it does not wash out. Silverell textiles have been tested for more than 100 washes without reduction in thermal conductivity effectiveness or disruption to the antimicrobial properties that protect the product. In fact, the hotter and wetter the environment, the more effective the silver fibers become. Silver fibers are the active ingredient in many FDA approved medical devices.

      Care Instructions: Hand wash with baby shampoo, line dry.

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