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Silver EnviroWipe Hand Sanitizer

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Silver EnviroWipe Hand Sanitizer
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Bugs (bacteria) are everywhere! When you have daily contact with people and don't have time to wash your hands frequently, you can still protect yourself from germs.

For Instance, did you know that:

  • Bacteria has been found on money and the handles of grocery carts?
  • Only 7% of money tested in a recent test of currency in circulation was germ-free? (Enders ASM Annual Meeting, 2001)
  • 18% of coins and 7% of bills studied had disease-causing bacteria, including Staphylocaccus? (Lowe, UCSF, 1998)
People who handle a lot of currency as part of their daily job functions should wash their hands often. Use EnviroWipes in between hand washings for safety. EnviroWipes use the anti-bacterial properties of silver to reduce bacteria counts.

Almost everyone sometime during each week touches the handle of our local store grocery cart and that same grocery cart handle has been touched by hundreds of other people. Wipe the handle of the shopping cart with the hand towel before shopping to ensure a safer surface to hold.

Care instructions: EnviroWipes can be machine washed cold, using gentle soap, i.e.; baby shampoo on delicate cycle and line dried with no reduction in effectiveness.

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