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MedTex - Vet Nonstretch Wrap 5 yard roll

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MedTex - Vet Nonstretch Wrap 5 yard roll
Part Number: MDMVT4X5YD
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Medtex-Vet wrap is a contact dressing that manages partial thickness burns, lacerations, abrasion, incisions, and post surgery recovery. Available in 5 yard rolls, has proven results with treating proud flesh, scratches, hoof fungus, girth and saddle sores, and sand burns.

Medtex-Vet wrap uses SILVER, a time tested antibacterial agent: Silver. Medtex-Vet wrap is manufactured with 100% medical grade nylon fabric that has been plated with 99% pure silver.

Medtex-Vet wrap is designed to be placed directly over the wound to prevent disruption of healing tissues during routine dressing changes.

Comes with complete instructions. Made in the USA of imported and USA materials.

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