1. MedTex - Equine Saddle Pad

MedTex - Equine Saddle Pad

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MedTex - Equine Saddle Pad
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Keep horses clean and cool as well as alleviate saddle sores with Medtex-Equine Saddle Pads. The breathable, washable quilted cotton pad is lined with silver plated fabric to help heal open wounds as well as keep the animal cool.

Medtex-Equine products uses Silver, a time tested antibacterial agent. Medtex-Equine horse saddle pad's liner is manufactured with 100% medical grade nylon fabric that has been plated with 99% pure silver.

Medtex-Equine Horse Saddle Pad is designed to be placed directly over scraps, saddle sores and wounds to prevent disruption of healing tissues during routine dressing changes.

Made in the USA of imported and USA materials.

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