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Loop (Ag Plated)

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Part Number: 11000011626
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Woven Nylon base Hook & Loop entirely coated with silver
Surface Resistance: Hook or Loop < than 1.4 ohms/ Closure
Resistance: < than .8/ohms through resistance
Cycle Life: 7,000 opening and closing
Temperature Range: -30c to +90c
Attachment: Sew, glue or ultrasonic bond
Packaging: standard 25M spool (call for custom cut lengths at additional cost)
Sold by the Lineal Yard

LOOP (Ag Plated) - 3 Sizes (sold by the lineal yard)

Item # 11000011626 16mm (5/8”) $37.81       Click HERE to View Loop 16mm Specification Sheet    

Item # 11000013026 30mm (1”) $45.73          Click HERE to View Loop 30mm Specification Sheet

Item # 11000015026 50mm (2”) $59.36          Click HERE to View Loop 50mm Specification Sheet

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