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Large Military RF Shielded Briefcase

Large Military RF Shielded Briefcase

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Safely transport Computer equipment from RF, high performance shielded case for electronics. In a ruggedized waterproof outer cover. Description: 22”x16”x10” with ID document pocket and water proof cover in Black or Camouflage. Weight: 550g Shielding Effectiveness: 75db @ 1.8Ghz Style #: L400B,L400C Temperature Range: -40f to 120f Material: one layer of Shieldex® NoraDell, one layer of Shieldex® Zell and 500D Nylon in black or camo with a waterproof coating Number of intended reuses: 5000x Intended for phone types: CDMA, GSM and G1,G2, Bluetooth, G&H wireless networks.

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